We need your help: Raising money for new boiler

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Dear friends of Christ,

As most of you certainly know by now, the boiler in Ascension Hall (Trinity’s old Parish House) is kaput and must be replaced before the next heating season. Three bids were obtained; the lowest from Kew Forest at just under $24,000. Mindful that there are often overruns wish such projects, the congregation voted on June 22nd to authorize up to $25,000 for the purchase and installation of the new equipment. A new boiler was not included in the renovation plans, which we expected would be complete by now. We plan to finance this purchase using renovation funds, but these must be reimbursed with new giving. Someday, in God’s good time, we will renovate this building!

Many of you received a pledge card and an envelope in the mail earlier this month. We are given the opportunity to make a one-time gift, to pledge a one-time gift, or to pledge a series of gifts over time. This will help your council to manage the process. You may place your gift in the offering plate during Sunday services, or mail it to the church office. We are hoping that our fund-raising can be complete by October 1st.

Please give this need serious, prayerful attention. Operating a church is a troublesome and expensive business; nevertheless we continue to work at it because it turns such a magnificent, life-giving profit, and the pension plan is… out of this world!

thank you in advance for your gifts, for which God ha already prepared the way.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

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Pastor Longan
Writing for the Congregation Council

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