Notes about our church members

The best news this month has to be about young Erin Krebs. Not only was she the Valedictorian at The Mary Louis Academy, but she has also been accepted to Yale University. Congratulations, Erin! Now you must learn to say, Boola, Boola!

We learned that Angela Renz’ mother, Rosa DiPaoli, completed her time on earth yesterday with her loving family nearby. Blessings on her family, as they commend her to Almighty God. Arrangements for the funeral (which will be at Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs) are pending. Several of our people had surgery this month…on their heads.

Dorothy Russo is making what promises to be a full recovery after surgery for a growth that was pressing on her brain. We are very proud of young Michael Sheridan, who had a successful ear surgery. And Marianna (Bambi) Liebold is having eye surgery. We commend all of you to God’s healing power.

Joyce Beaudoin is cruising for a new hip, but her date was postponed for medical reasons. Now she’s slated to go in on the 24th. (Anything that personal courage can do, Joyce will have done!)

Kay Neuendorf was rendered radioactive for several days as a treatment for a thyroid condition. She’s back among the earthlings now. But in the meantime, Kay managed to slice her finger open, requiring nine stitches. Ouch.

We continue to pray for Karin Spykermann who, in addition to her other problems, broke her foot in two places and is recovering slowly at home as of June 19th. Likewise we continue in prayer with Linda Tuelang and her family, as she struggles with cancer. The same goes for Georg Jagusch who will tell you he’s fine, but we support him nevertheless in his struggle.

Richard Eichinger, father of Mallory and husband of Kellie, has been volunteering to help Juergen Schroder with buildings issues; he just got a key to the building and now he will have to use it! Thanks, Rich; you’ll be busy!

We want to welcome some new members: Marina and Leo Cymbalsky (Leo made his first communion in May) and the Hannons, Kendall, Niall, Patrick (also a first communicant) and Eva.

I want to say a special word of thanks to Maryann Muller and Doris Tegge Sommo for running our Sunday School so well and so smoothly this past year. You ladies are jewels in our crown!

Congratulations to Feliz Ilagan who was awarded her doctorate in Physical Therapy and to Sarah Ilagan (Genesis’ sister) who received a “Teach of the Year” award from the Dallas Independent School District.

Finally, we will be saying Farewell and Godspeed to Pastor Noel Ilagan, who will be moving to Dallas on August 4th. We will honor him in church at an appropriate time.

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  1. Please pass on my fondest regards to Kay Neuendorf from Ruth Stewart Meyers, Mary Stewart’s daughter. I wish her the very best and have fond memories of her friendship many years ago.

    1. Just got to see you note on the church website and was glad to hear from you. How is everyone? write when you can love Kay

  2. Good Morning,
    I am working on some family history and am trying to find information about the Behnken family, who may have belonged to your church years ago. Henry Behnken, his son Martin and Martin’s wife Emma. Martin and Emma had 2 girls- Henrietta and Ana. Henrietta was born in 1893 and died in 1948. Ana was born around 1899. Ana had a daughter named Doris who was born around 1925. We do not know Doris’ last name. If anyone has any info on names, dates of death or anything else, we would very much appreciate if you would share your information with us. Thanks very much.

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