Trinity Women

January has proved to be the “Winter of our Discontent.” We will try to have a meeting of Trinity Women on Wednesday, March 12 at 1 p.m. This group of women has certainly been a “labor of love.” Did you know that that phrase’s origin is found in First Thessalonians 1:3? A labor of love is undertaken for the pleasure of it or for the benefit of loved ones.

We try to keep a united front of church women whose interests are the same. It is so appropriate that we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Many of us are now alone and depend on each other for aid and comfort.

March Birthdays:

March 1 – Justine Perniciaro
March 3 – Patrick Jagessar, John Markisch
March 10 – Nancy Keicher
March 12 – Alison Jagessar
March 13 – Angela Renz
March 14 – Joyce Beudoin
March 15 – Anna Schwarz, Catherine Senofonte
March 16 – Juergen Schroder
March 19 – Elizabeth Russo
March 27 – Janet McGee-Rugg, Erik Neilssen
March 29 – Melissa Roquez
March 30 – Cindy Rooney

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