Trinity Women

Written by Joyce Beaudoin

We have now entered the Pentecost Season in the Church Year. This is the longest season and lasts about six months. The primary color for the season is green, probably chosen because plants and leaves are green. It is the color of things that are alive, just as the Holy Spirit gives new life to all who are children of God.

The first Sunday of Pentecost celebrated the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus has promised his disciples (and us) before he died, “I will come to you”. The way was by sending the Holy Spirit to be with them. The Holy Spirit would be a kind of “Heavenly Helper” for those who follow Christ, teaching us, inspiring us, encouraging us and leading us.

The question for all of us is, Will we be open to and recognize the Spirit when it descends on us? That can involve such things as faith, worship, prayer, compassion and confronting those who oppose the Lord or who disobey Him. It is not an easy question and being a true Christian is very difficult. We pray the Holy Spirit enters all our hearts and leads us to be better people.

Trinity Women’s last meeting of the season was on June 11th and we enjoyed our strawberry festival. We have booked a Christmas bus ride to Hunterdon Hills Playhouse on November 14th The cost is only $85.00 and we will have our own bus. This is a lovely event and we picked a very early date, so there should be no snow.

Our next meeting will be September 10th and we plan on having a high tea to celebrate our anniversary. We wish every a healthy, prayerful and safe summer.


Many thanks to Anni Schroder, Joyce Beaudoin, Dorothy Kummer, Linda Seubert, and Alice Lucente for helping to plant the Geraniums and beautifying the outside of the Church. It is greatly appreciated.


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