On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand

A Devotional Testimony

By Muriel Davis

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his Righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you”.  Matthew 6:33

As a Christian I pride myself as being religious, spiritual, dedicated and faithful. For the past two years beginning in 2017 with the death of two of my brothers one week after the other, and last year with struggles with my health after sinus surgery, I began questioning God, why me?  Doubting his love, mercy, and compassion towards me, for I try to be a disciple of his way and words. It has been said that “when in adversity God tests us by giving us the opportunity to seek him, to lean on him”.

After months of shortness of breath, facial pain, and insomnia, of being told by my MD to limit my speaking and singing, I was inspired and encouraged by the love of my family, my church family and friends to be strong and wait on the Lord. With incessant prayer and trust in him I began to see healing. He made me able to function, he made me a survivor. My brothers and sisters when faced with adversity such as bereavement, health issues and other of life’s struggles lean on the Lord and trust him with all your heart for he will see you through your dark and difficult days.   I urge you to reflect with me on this verse of one of my favorite hymns:

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’s blood and righteousness;

no merit of my own I claim, but wholly lean on Jesus’s name.

On Christ the solid rock I stand: All other ground is sinking sand.

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