November is National Caregivers Month

Muriel Davis of Trinity submitted this article in recognition of family caregivers.

Caregivers contribute to the well-being of our society, they play an important role and need to be recognized and appreciated more than is being done in some cases.
I witnessed the dedication and sacrifice of the caregiver when I was asked by my family to return home to help in the care of my brother, who was scheduled for prostate surgery. Caregivers put their lives on hold and in most cases they perform without complaining, and with love and compassion.
I have the utmost respect for caregivers. They, unlike nurses, do not have the same qualifications but in some cases perform the same type of work, and are more dedicated. They make great sacrifices and travel great lengths to perform their duties.
We at Trinity have in our congregation, members who were/are dedicated and tireless caregivers who took care of their mothers until their passing, to note Lois Jenkins and Doris Tegge-Sommo. They are to be honored along with other members who take care of their families and friends. I would be remiss if I did not mention Bud Christopher who, in spite of his medical issues, willingly and faithfully takes care of his friend who lives with him.
Caregivers are God’s angels on earth. He enables them to take care of the sick, the home-bound, the lonely and the aged. We too as a church family can be caregivers by supporting them through visits, telephone calls, supplying a meal, giving encouragement and praying with and for them.
God gives each of us a mission in life and what a great mission it is that he has enabled caregivers to perform. He rewards people, who willingly and unselfishly gives of themselves.
To those of us who are caregivers I say to you to be empathetic, for we know not when it will be our time to be cared for.
I urge you to reflect on Matthew 25, verses 35-40. Jesus says, “As much as you do it to one of these my Brethren you do it unto me”
My Brothers and Sisters, permit me to substitute a word from the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:9)
“Blessed are the Caregivers for they shall be called the Children of God”

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